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The poor penguin from the first Learn to Fly game has become the object of mockery. Having hit an iceberg and recovering from the serious injury, this penguin has to reevaluate his strategy and achieve his ultimate goal. Now he's out and ready to show the world, again, that he can fly like a real bird in Learn to Fly 2. This time nothing will stop him from being the next "soaring" penguin. Not even the iceberg that stop him the first time.

The goal of this game is to keep the penguin dummy flying as far as possible as well as destroy any item that comes within its path. When beginning the game a player must first click on start game. This will bring you to another page which will give you the option of playing in 3 different modes. The player must pick either classic, arcade, or story mode in order to begin playing. This is also where the player must learn and master all the controls.

Fly Like A Penguin
The controls are extremely simple to learn and remember. After the penguin dummy leaves the ramp, the player must click the left arrow button or the letter "A" to tilt the penguin up. In order to tilt the penguin down, the player must click the Right arrow button or the letter "D." Lastly, to activate your penguin's propeller system, the player must press the "space bar." Now, getting special items that help the penguin and player fly further and fast the play must enter a shop, which is not presented until after the first day.

Getting this better equipment is just another step to achieving the gaming goal. To find better equipment the player must visit the "research" page of the game. Here there will be the option of clicking on Glider, Sleighs, Boost, and Payload. There are also 3 options to click on that enable you to upgrade the ramp length, ramp height, and fuel. All of these thing will be what your penguin needs so that, it achieves the goal your penguin is looking for. However, visiting this page is not just simple, it's costly. A player must have earned money from their previous flights in order to pay for any upgrades they wish to do with their equipment.

Learn to Fly 2Not only are there upgrades and equipment available on this page, but there is also achievements of challenges and medals. There is also a save option and even a bonus shop. In the bonus shop, the player has the opportunity to collect bonus points that enable them to change certain settings in the game, get even better upgrades, and more! This is earned through playing arcade mode and collecting medals. So, there you have it! All that any player of Learn to Fly 2 will need to know in order to be the next flying penguin.